About Us

The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Exporters is a non-profit professional association of Russian and Eurasian Economic Union’s exporting manufacturers and service providers seeking to promote their goods and services on international markets.

The Association facilitates international marketing for the beginning exporters and helps small and medium-sized companies expand the geography of their exports by means of pooling their efforts, experience and expertise.


The Association’s primary goals are to pool entrepreneurs’ efforts, create a meaningful community of small and medium-sized exporters, and to facilitate productive dialogue with international trade professionals, industry associations, chambers of commerce, and government authorities and organizations.


The Association’s global mission is to promote equitable, fair and mutually beneficial international trade. Being aware of the fact that international trade can develop successfully for mutual benefit only on the basis of reciprocity, the Association closely cooperates with its partner, De la Rey Consulting that offers a range of services facilitating access to the markets of Russia and other EAEU countries.

Partner Network 

The Association has a network of regional partners acting as representatives to ensure permanent presence and provide points of contact both in various regions of Russia and in other Eurasian Economic Union countries. This network of partners comprises more than ten organizations and includes national economic cooperation institutes, regional export support centers, and two online portals: Russian Exports – a single national information portal, and a portal of international economic data.

International Cooperation

The Association takes an active part in the implementation of joint projects with international companies, business support organizations, trade associations and government organizations. Association’s portfolio includes dozens of successful joint projects realized in cooperation with partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the CIS.

You can find  more information about the services we offer to international companies and organizations on our pages ‘Import from Russia and the EAEU’ and ‘Export to Russia and the EAEU’.